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About George

Thanks for taking the time to visit George's website.

George was diagnosed with SMA type 2 when he was 14 months old. This is a muscle wasting genetic disease that will mean George's muscles are extremeley weak, Georges leg muscles have already been severely affected meaning he will never be able to walk and in time this devastating disease will attack other muscles in his body, meaning that simply sitting un aided or supporting his own head could become impossible.

It is observed that children with SMA type 2 are very intelligant, so whilst George's physical abilities are limited his mind will give him the stregnth and determination that he will need to achieve wonderful things in his life.

Because mobility is limited at this young age it can have such a damaging and restricting effect on George's learning and developement it is essential that George can be as mobile as possible. George should have the same choices as other toddlers which is why we would love to raise money for The Turbo Trust so we can buy a Snap Dragon powered wheel chair that will allow Geroge to sit on the floor to play with his toys, reach up to a high shelf for his favourite book, take his big sister Evie for a ride on the back and it will even support him to stand. Yes Stand!...... Incredible.

This is the closest George will ever get to leading the most normal life he can where restrictions are limited because of the amazing technology behind this wheelchair.

We need your help, Please help us raise our target amount of £21,000. Every penny counts.

Thank you so much again for taking time to visit Georges page.